My new designer bag

Friends, this is perhaps my finest hour. Well. I hope it’s not my finest hour, but I did feel very accomplished when I finished this little bag. Any finished object is a victory. A finished object that didn’t spend three months languishing on a shelf? That’s a blow out, with Sewing, in soccer style, losing to me by one point. (Other ways in which sewing is like soccer: it’s boring to watch, I pretend to hurt myself a lot, and when I finish something I tear off my shirt and run around the house screaming.) But when I finish something in a timely manner, that’s also useable, and that I did not use a pattern for (a.k.a. designed), that’s a real triumph from which I may never recover.


Although “design” is a grandiose word to describe what I’ve actually done here, I’m not backing down. I skimmed a few tote bag tutorials, and ended up following this tutorial from Design Sponge*. I know that my bag looks nothing like the bag in the tutorial, even though I wish it did, but the instructions are easy to follow for the bag part, and when it came to straps and pockets, I was able to just wing it (a.k.a. design it).

It’s a very versatile bag. You can pretend to look for things in it…

… or pretend to stroll through your neighborhood with it.

I got this lovely Amy Butler canvas from a friend, and I’ve used it to make so many things. Mainly bags to organize my knitting and to put my knitting bags in. See below.

See? Matching bags.

Long story short: I like my bag, probably more than usual because I’m the one who made it.

*Citing dilemma: Do I site Design Sponge for the tutorial even though it was created by one of my favorite sewing blogger of all time, Renske Solkesz of The dress I made? She designs (for real) and sews the best things. Do I cite them both in the text, should I include a footnote, or should I trust my reader to click thru to find out the full story? More importatnly, do these questions make me seem crazy?


4 thoughts on “My new designer bag

  1. Your new bag is terrific! love the colours you chose and they go so nicely with your outfit. Bags are tricky so I think your bragging rights are well deserved 🙂

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