Milk free milk and other momentous things

It’s been a big couple of days here. Last night, I made Oreo milkshakes. Now, I don’t like Oreos that much, but an Oreo milkshake is pretty perfect. The chocolate cookie keeps the vanilla ice cream from being all super boring the way it usually is, while the frosting adds a little non-spicey spice. I guess I can’t really explain it, but trust me, they are good milkshakes. And because about one half of my readership is vegan, and I don’t want to alienate them, I’m very confident that these would be just as good with JoJos (wait, are Oreos vegan?) and some milk free ice cream. And some milk free milk. I’m looking forward to experimenting with gingersnaps and peanut butter. Not together. But. Well. Maybe together. I don’t know. How bad could it be?

Other important things that have been happening include bathroom cleaning, grocery shopping, and refrigerator cleaning. John watched every episode of Parks and Recreation for the first time. I watched every episode for the fourth time. I have driven to at least two completely new places without getting lost. Does missing a freeway exit count as getting lost? Yes? Ok. Does missing a freeway exits that is on the left of the freeway count as getting lost? No it does not. Left exit ramps are crazy and cannot be anticipated. It is also impossible to exit on the left when you have a strict no lane changing policy, like I do. Does missing a turn on to a street that does not a have street sign count as getting lost? Also no, mainly because if I am not on a not getting lost streak than I will be too discouraged for words.

Also, I’m coming to Portland February 15th thru the 21st. Wanna hang out? We can try out new milkshake flavors and try to figure out where Grimm is filming!



3 thoughts on “Milk free milk and other momentous things

    • I’ve had so many good milkshake ideas since I wrote this blog. Like add Peanut Butter Bumpers to a peanut butter milkshake. Or Molasses. That’s sort of a risky one, but it might by good. Maple syrup and waffle bits.

      Me too! Can’t wait!

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