Haaaappy New Year! I don’t generally make resolutions, but I am this year. They are more numerous and longer than I expected them to be. Sorry, dear, busy readers. If you do read this overly long and indulgent post you will be rewarded with my true opinion of Glee and a picture of my new hair cut. Here we go…

1.) Do not buy anymore yarn until I have knit through at least two thirds of my stash. I have much more than I could possibly use in a year thanks to a yarn buying compulsion and very generous friends and family, so I should be able to resist all yarn sales and other fibrous  temptations (except Fig Newtons) without once running out of things to knit with. Oh, and no more sewing patterns or fabric until I actually start sewing.

2.) Take advantage of living in Chicago. Yes, it may seem to be dirty, huge, and inhospitable, but it has plenty to offer. More museums than I really need, theaters all over the place, and a ton of neighborhoods to explore. I may feel daunted and unsettled in this massive city (lovely, pocket-sized Portland is much missed by this one-time unenthusiastic resident), but I’m going to be brave, buy a map, and get to know my new town.

3.) Blog once a week. I like writing, I like having a (mainly one-sided) conversation with people I don’t get to see anymore, and abandoned blogs are so sad. I also hope that giving myself a number will keep me from feeling bad each day I don’t blog, but for that to work I’ll have to remember that blogs are for fun not for serious. You’ll all still like me if I don’t blog. You might even like me more.

4.) Be patient with myself. I need a lot of sleep. I am not a multitasker. I have a quick temper and several other emotions that at times seem to be only loosely connected to what is actually happening in my life. I don’t learn things instantly and with perfect recall. I often prefer being at home rather than out in the world experiencing things. Sometimes I just have to sit and stare instead of accomplishing very important accomplishments. These are all things that I don’t like about myself and  try to change or refuse to accept, but when I am too hard on myself, I don’t improve faster, I just get tired.

5.) Be patient with other people. Everyone has their own deal. Whether they’re the buttface who doesn’t signal before turning or the idiot who won’t stop asking me the same crazy questions over and over, they are not trying to make my day miserable, they are just trying to get through their own day – a day that might be difficult in ways that I know nothing about. When I’m too hard on other people, I just get angry and tired.

6.) BUT when patience fails or is not deserved, don’t shy away from confronting the dumb dumb who is making me feel bad. I’m twenty-five for pete’s sake, I won’t be afraid of letting people know when they are hurting my feelings or getting in my way. I have first hand experience in the pitfalls of being indirect and passive, and it involves a lot of festering and confusion. Sheesh, I’m confused and festered enough as it is.

7.) Share a picture of my new haircut.


That was an was an easy one.

8.) Don’t watch so much TV. Originally I was going to say don’t watch any TV, but that’s just crazy. TV is so good. (Did you know that there is going to be new episodes of 30 Rock and Downton Abbey? January has never looked so bright.) Nothing goes better with knitting than TV, and as I mentioned before, I have a lot of knitting to do. But you can have too much of a good thing, and so can I. So, I’m going to try not to watch TV while I do other things, like cooking, sewing, applying for jobs, and blogging; and I’m going to try not to watch shows that I don’t really like just because I want to watch something. Glee, I’m looking at you. You auto-tuned the fun right out or your musical numbers, plus I don’t know any of the songs you use anymore, and too many of the teenage characters are spoiled rotten, sex crazed sociopaths with non-existent parents. Although I appreciate that you treat hot button issues like coming out and being out in high school, teenage pregnancy, bullying, and drinking, the way you treat them is unrealistic and cloying, and you seriously lack strong, sane female characters. My new motto is, “If Glee is the only thing to watch, turn it off!”

9.) And finally, relax. 2011 was a crazy year involving two moves, three jobs, one incredibly stressful research project, one graduation, and too many moments that I just couldn’t handle, and I don’t ever make it any easier on myself. I would love it if 2012 was a calmer year, but it probably won’t be, so I’ll have to be the calm one. Hopefully most of the resolutions above will help with that, but I’m also going to stop trying to control everything and focus on the things that I can control, stop second guessing myself, don’t worry about how an experience could be better and just enjoy what is happening right in front of me, and don’t give myself ultimatums and unreasonable expectations.


Did you make resolutions?


8 thoughts on “Resolved

  1. Trevor says:

    My resolution this year is to get better at conversations where I don’t know much about the topic.

    I can totally understand about the TV resolution, though after getting hulu, we’ve been watching more than ever.

    Looking forward to your weekly posts!

  2. Cute cute cute hair! Want a photo of the front too! 🙂

    My resolution is to go to yoga at least once a week. And I even got a week’s head start on it! De was a yoga machine while she was here so that helped.

    • Thanks! Still adjusting, but most Chicago people haven’t even noticed – which has been nice actually. That’s a really good resolution. I was going to make a yoga resolution, too. But I forgot. And yoga costs money.

  3. Zoe says:

    LOOOOOVE the haircut. I accidentally spelled that “haircuter” at first, which seems good, except that’s implying your old hair wasn’t cute, which it was. I, along with Alison want to see the front! Also, Alison has been doing yoga at LEAST once a week, just for the record.

    Lastly, i think 9 resolutions might be 8.5 too many.

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