Merry Christmas!

Hi friends! I know I haven’t been writing much (truthfully I haven’t been doing much of anything – I’m starting to wonder if I have a very mild case of mono), but I have been thinking of you all a lot. Chicago has insisted on not snowing  despite my prayer, and Boise has come through with it’s traditional grey-brown Christmas. All of this non-weather makes Portland’s damp but green holiday scene seem oh so festive. Not having a white Christmas (even though I am not in Chicago for Christmas) really defeats the purpose of moving far, far away to a town famous for snowy winters. At least we still have corrupt public officials and Polish food.


Reliably meaty.


Reliably slimy. And fluffy.


But I’m getting off track. What I really want to say is Merry Christmas! I hope everyone’s holiday is bright, warm, green, and Portland-y.





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