A short prayer

Get going thou fluffy

bastard, and pile up thine self on twigs

and things. Art we in Florida or Norway,

for God sakes? Amen.

– Paul Child

Is this really too much to ask for?

Amen. I’m not usually a fan of poetry, but I always enjoy an frustrated appeal to the weather. Especially when it’s so funny.*

And the blog is not dead. I never want to let it be said that when Cameron Giese quits things she does it half heartedly. When I say I won’t be writing a blog entry everyday, I mean it, but I didn’t mean to stop all the way. Since last time, I have started and quit a new job that was just exhausting. Now that I’m marginally employed once again, I should have more time for resting and blogging. Yay.

I hope you are all having better luck with snow – whatever that means to you.

*I found this poem – well really it’s just part of a poem – in a biography of Julia Child by Noël Riley Fitch. She and her husband, Paul, had such fascinating lives. I recommend the book for reading, and I nominate Julia and Paul as must-have guests at those “anyone in history” dinner parties we all throw sometimes. Not only will they keep the conversation flowing, but Julia could cook!


2 thoughts on “A short prayer

  1. jeremy says:

    There’s going to be snow. Loads of snow. It’s going to come in January and February and March.
    If it doesn’t snow, then my name’s not Jeremy.

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