I am a delicate flower

And I know when to admit defeat. NaNoBloPoMo (or whatever you’re called), you win. I officially fail. I cannot post a blog post everyday. I’m busy with things that are not fun to write about – unless you all want to hear about changing banks, buying black socks, and spending hours online trying to figure out how to get somewhere. No? Me neither. These things are no fun.

As I mentioned above, I am a delicate flower, so it’s sort of miracle I can type at all, much less write blog posts.

See? No fingers. It makes typing almost impossible and completely exhausting.

Posts will resume at a more humane, I mean botanical, pace. This is good news for you all as well because I was going to have to post about some ridiculous stuff.


2 thoughts on “I am a delicate flower

  1. Zoe Roes says:

    Don’t feel defeated! You did an admirable job and with some really great blog content. We were lucky to get as much as we did, you flower you.

    Hope all is well with the tedious and mundane.

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