One soggy day

John hoping there wouldn't be a repeat of the 25' waves that closed this very bike path about a month ago

So, many moons ago, John and I finally (after almost a whole month of waiting – I know that doesn’t sound long but there were jellyfish involved) were able to check out a pass to Shedd Aquarium from the library (yay for Chicago Public Libraries!) (I’ve heard that Portland has a similar program, but I could never find the passes, and Chicago’s museums are more exciting that Portland’s) (This is the last of the gratuitous parenthesis, I promise). If you want to see more than just the main hall of the aquarium, it’ll cost you about about $70 for two people, so you can see why the pass was such an important part of this outing. Unfortunately, the pass only covers admission to the main hall, so we still spent about $55, and we didn’t even see the shows with the dolphins and belugas. I wouldn’t pay that much to go again, although I could see spending the $8 on basic admission, if I needed a hit of aquatic animals. Once we got over the sticker shock, it was pretty fun.

Nope, no Dunkin' Donuts over there either

We took the long way into the aquarium because I wanted to see Lake Michigan. It’s pretty much how a remembered it. Very wet. Then we got down to business. Which it turns out was also very wet.


Jellyfish are basically self-propelling digestive tracks


These were the cutest.

More jellyfish - who knew they were so photogenic?

John with jellyfish

I know we took lots of other pictures – of little tiny frogs, a river otter, dolphins, gross eels, and one crazy tank jam packed with animals from a Caribbean reef. There were hundreds of fish and amphibious things in one humongous tank in the middle of the aquarium – including manta rays and hammerhead sharks (which I think would be an excellent nickname for me (I know I said no more gratuitous parenthesis, but I believe these were strictly necessary)). These animals just swim round and round the tank all day. It was amazing, and some how not sad in the way that zoos are sad. Maybe I only feel sympathy for animals that look like they would be fun to touch. Although jellyfish look like they would be fun to touch, and I feel no sympathy for them. But they don’t feel anything, so whose hardhearted here? How could something so squishy be hardhearted? The world is full of mysteries.


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