It snowed here! It was a brief snow flurry, which is a weather term that everyone here takes very seriously. I was so excited that I ran around the office saying, “Snow! Snow! I need a window! Are there windows in here? What is this place? A prison?” Everyone else was depressed about the snow, but they couldn’t bring me down. For snow, Chicago scores 1,000,000 points, an A+, and a high five.

These weather stickers really don’t capture the excitement of the weather here. It is getting cold. Cold enough for snow! Let’s see if John can capture the excitement any better. John, how did you feel about the snow?

– It was lovely, and it hurt my face. It reminded me of my girlfriend.

That’s better.

What’s Portland doing? Let’s see.

Not bad, but not cold enough for snow. And scattered clouds does sound more romantic that partly cloudy.

Also, I have a very special deal for you. On yarn. You can enter to win $50 at Knit Picks! Almost as exciting as the snow. And I’m pretty sure everyone I know is just as enthusiastic about the yarn deal as they are about the snow.

Knit Picks!




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