Sorry, Alison

And John. I shouldn’t do this because I will be alienating one half of my blog readership, but I had never seen this video before and I think it is pretty great. And weird.

Not much new here, besides the Beyoncé video which has been the focal point of my day. I’m waiting to hear back from a couple of interviews and John’s steady progress on his remodeling projects. The weather was terrible, but I’m refraining from giving it an F because De thinks it’s a bad idea, and because there is a promise of snow flurries. Yay! I have enough enthusiasm about snow flurries to make up for all of the grumpy Chicagoans who are dreading the winter.


3 thoughts on “Sorry, Alison

  1. Zoe says:

    Wow! Yes that video truly confused and overwhelmed me, but I did watch it all the way through it, so that says something. I even re-watched 1:55 a few times to speculate who does the moves better: pink shirt girl is obvs very accomplished, but that kick move is so much better preformed by the shorts girl.

    Also, interesting article Alison! Seems to have some truth to it…

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