Thanks, Chicago

Now, I feel bad that I wrote you such a mean letter. And I missed a blog post yesterday due to a knitting/book club (!), so here are some things I like about you in no particular order.

1. WBEZ 91.5

2. The Austin/Irving and Harold Washington branches of the Chicago Public Library.

3. My knitting/book club (!)

4. My very kind boss who is helping me find more work.

5. Dunkin’ Donuts – I know I was just complaining about this, but I did miss having Dunkin’ Donuts everywhere.

6. Fourth graders who want to hold your hand within minutes of meeting and who will sing Beyoncé in chorus on the bus.

7. Teenagers who will never hold my hand, but who tolerate my over the top enthusiasm about Social Studies homework with good humor, and who didn’t really make me feel that bad about falling out of desk for no reason at all.

8. Rabbits under the garage and coyotes in the cemetery

9. Snow, I’m hoping.

10. A real fall with mainly nice days and colorful leaves.


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