On teenagers and penguins

Can’t type. Too tired. So many teenagers.

What is it with teenagers? They talk constantly. They won’t do their work. They wake up up at six in the morning on a Saturday, ride the train for at least 45 minutes to come downtown for an optional tutoring session, and they don’t bring any homework. So they talk. What can they have to talk about – they are at school all day, spending their time ignoring teachers and staring menacingly at walls. And TALKING to each other. They make me move them to a new seat, and they turn being moved into a new seat into an epic power struggle. I am so bad at power struggles that I almost never know I’m in one until I’ve lost, but some of these teenagers bring out an I-am-woman-hear-me-roar feeling. Except it has much less to do with feminism than eye-popping, whistle-blowing rage. I. Said. Stop. Talking. And. I. Mean. Stop. Talking. Then they text people (which is a ruder, sneakier way of talking to people). They think they are sooo cute. Well, maybe they would be, if they would stop talking for one second.

That’s why I’m tired. It’s a day like today when you really need a cat. And a nap.

Here’s a picture of a me and a small child looking at penguins. Penguins are a lot like teenagers – they make a lot of noise, they smell bad, they swim better than they can fly, and they love small fish and angry music. We like penguins because we feel no (debatable, but go with me) moral compunction putting them in a small room behind sound proof glass, while we have to listen to teenagers, and they get a bad rap.

Contemplative penguins



3 thoughts on “On teenagers and penguins

  1. cameraphone says:

    is it the teenagers or the penguins who stare menacingly at walls? in the picture it looks like it’s the penguins. but the only teenager there is the one that is the average of your age and the little girl’s age. her name is “lucy” by the way.

  2. Summer says:

    You could try making them surrender all their phones for the duration of tutoring- or bring in something that they do not want to do even more than their own homework 🙂

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