Just buy a scarf

Here is a video that seems to be knitting related, but I promise it is not. Actually, I cannot promise that – it is knitting related, if only in name. I can promise that I saw this on a blog that I love. It’s two women who knit and write letters, via the blog, to each other about knitting. I’m pretty sure the blog, and the video are funny even if you don’t knit. We’ll see…

I can’t believe that worked. Yay for posting videos!

Also, I’m sorry that this not a super great blog post. And that there are no jellyfish. There will be jellyfish in the future. Just not today.

P.S. If I were a teacher, I would give Chicago weather an F for today. It’s like it wasn’t even trying. I know it can do better because I’ve seen it. Watch it Chicago, or you’ll be on meteorological probation one of these days.



2 thoughts on “Just buy a scarf

  1. De says:

    OK, I know I’m like a broken record… The weather is bad in Chicago…The weather is bad in Chi…The weather is bad in Ch…Blah blah blah. BUT I am VERY VERY concerned if you gave yesterday an F. I think you may need to revise your scale. Because none of my nose hairs froze off yesterday. So, i think it might have been more like a B- or C+. Remember, there’s no where to go down from an F.

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