Ten dull things


I thought I saw a shark

1. Posting everyday is harder than it looks. It’s only the second day, and I almost forgot.

2. Remembering to apply for product rebates is also hard. Especially when you refuse to make a list of all the paperwork you need to send in and need to walk back and forth from the library multiple times to print and make copies of everything you need.I have almost $200 tied up in this rebates (I know that’s a lot, because when I called to ask where I could find the UPC for the modem and router that we bought, the man on the phone said, “Wow! Thank you. Thank you for your business.”) That’s money I could really use – see numbers 4 and 5. So I’m making friends with the security guard at the library.

3. I have an interview at Starbucks on Friday.

4. In honor of my hopefully impending employment, I started paying off my school loans.

5. After assessing my debt situation, I realized just how desperately I want a job, and I became much less confident that my employment was impending.

6. But confidence reigns supreme. After all, I do already have a job. And I make a delightful sweet potato casserole.

7. The weather was nice here today. How was it in Portland? Rainy. Probably. But really, how was it?

8. My computer is whinning and whirring in away that spells trouble.

9. Chicago has fewer cats per capita than anywhere in the world. That is a serious strike against the city. It’s bad enough that I don’t have a cat, but I don’t even get to see many cats on the streets.

10. Jellyfish! Cliffhanger!


One thought on “Ten dull things

  1. The weather in portland yesterday was crazy! Mostly clear/chilly in the morning with a thick layer of fog only in downtown. The fog clear and it was a crisp sunny day until a downpour of rain came in the evening and kept going through the night.

    Looking forward to daily blogs! Go go go! I have your blog right next to cute overload in my reader and got them confused with those cute juniper photos.

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