It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year, NaBloPoMo! You know, where you write a blog post everyday for the entire month of November. Are you ready for this blexplosion? Blogplosion? It’s going to be the best blog reading of your life. I’m going to talk about the weather, John’s grandmother, knitting, books that I’m reading, looking for jobs, maybe even some football because I’m not sure that many people are reading this blog anyways and I’d like to drive the rest of you away, too. Oh boy. Where to start?

Let’s ask John.

“John, what should I blog about?”

“You should blog about… ZZZZZZZZ.”

(That was John falling asleep mid-sentence.)

“John, you are officially demoted from co-blogger to guest blogger.”

“You have a blog?”*

Ay caramba.

I read somewhere that you should always include a picture in your blog, and everyone loves cats, so here some pictures of my lovely cat, Juniper Batman.



Juniper Batman in the bathtub


Juniper Batman in the sink

I wish I had more pictures of her – this blogging thing would be a snap.

*John knew that I had a blog, and he actually demoted himself to guest blogger weeks ago. I think that my rewrite is more fun.



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