Big day here. John and I took a walk. In a cemetery. On Halloween. Spooky, right? But wait. It gets better. While we were on this walk. Though a cemetery. On a Halloween. We saw a wolf. Two wolves actually.

Ok. They weren’t wolves, but I was convinced they were, and that’s what counts.

They were coyotes, though. Still pretty cool.

I didn’t have a camera, but I have recreated the moment for you:


A coyote (actually on a MAX train in Portland)

A graveyard

It was almost just like that. Although my recreation is perfect, not having a camera while you see a coyote in a graveyard is the strongest argument for an iPhone I’ve ever heard. Fortunately, the coyotes live in the graveyard, so I know where to find them.

Apparently, Chicago is home to quite a few coyotes (see here and here). Besides that just being awesome, I like knowing that an animal who seems so ill adapted to city life is thriving here. Maybe someday soon I too will be running the streets of downtown Chicago in the middle of the night eating rats and mice.


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