Bunny Update

Actually this is a weather update, per request. But I didn’t want you to think that all I think about is the weather. I also think about bunnies. But first things first.

So, it’s colder in Portland, but not rainy. It did rain in Chicago today, but the excitement of thunderstorms negates the depression of rain. Plus, it only rained for about 15 minutes, and then it was warm and sunny for the rest of the day. One of my coworkers was even complaining about the heat. And she seemed so nice and normal. Both days rate a 10 on CWSAS. (Or the CSSAW. The SWAC? I can’t remember my own dumb acronym.) But you should all judge for yourselves where you would rather have been today.

And now. BUNNY!

Can you see it? It’s a real live bunny. It comes into the backyard to eat the pears that fall off the pear tree. That’s right. We have a pear tree and a stray rabbit in our yard. It’s hard to believe that my Chicago home is more pastoral than my Portland home. It would be even harder for most of my students to believe. When I tell them I’m from Portland they say, “Like with horses and stuff?” I say, “There are a lot of trees, is that what you mean?” Then they walk away. These poor city kids. They can’t tell a tree from a horse.



4 thoughts on “Bunny Update

  1. De says:

    Unseasonably warm yesterday. It was lovely. How about a tally of nice days v. crappy days in Chicago?
    If we start on October 25, 2011. We have 1 and 1.

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