Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Blog

To start the blog off, I thought I would begin with what is sure to be a riveting regular post – a weather update. I spent the past six months explaining to people in Portland that I want to live somewhere with stupidly, life threateningly cold winters and sweaty, miserable summers. No one got it. I’m meteorologically misunderstood.

My plan is to periodically check the weather in Portland and compare that to the weather in Chicago. To make this an exercise worth doing, I’m also going share how I feel about the weather, and how John feels about the weather. In this way, I will scientifically prove to the world that the weather in Portland is inferior to the weather in Chicago.*

Now that you’re all pumped up, let do this!

Hmm. Almost exactly the same. What’s the difference between partly cloudy and overcast?** They don’t seem like distinct conditions, but I suppose that’s a mystery (or a riveting blog post – these things just write themselves!) for another day. I’m still willing to pass judgement on the weather. I decree that it was a lovely day. Perfect sweater weather. This is when being a knitter really pays off. Both cities score a ten on the CSWAS.
What did John think of the weather? “It was nice.”
I expected something snappier, but he may have been expecting a snappier question from me.

*I will be using Cameron’s Scientific Weather Agreeability Scale (CSWAS) in which a rainy day is rated as a -1, and any other day is rated as a 10. Although some could argue that this scale is neither scientific nor fair, I would argue that they are dumb. Also, they are not allowed to comment on the blog. Get your own blog, you soggy, galoshes-wearing, season-hater.

**John says that overcast means the whole sky is covered with what looks like one big white thing, and partly cloudy means there are some clouds. I’m not sure he respects the fine art of meteorology the way he should.


5 thoughts on “Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Blog

  1. How are you able to post in the future? My cal says it’s only the 19th today? I was going to weigh in on the portland weather today, but now am all confused on how time works. Anyway most portlanders would say today was “cold” although most portlanders are complainers.

  2. Kat England says:

    ditto to alison’s comment… mine said the 20th on the 19th? im confused… also i’d like to add the term “gray” and “sprinkle spitting” to pdx weather 10/20/11 🙂

    • I don’t know why it’s doing that. I also don’t know how to ad a page or include a blog roll. I don’t know what a blog roll is. I don’t think I’m going to solve this posting from the future mystery anytime soon…

  3. De says:

    OMG – It was so nice yesterday… Hurry up and blog about it before it becomes a frozen wasteland. Also, what about some sort of color scale for the snow… Like, white, taupe, light grey, medium gray, dim gray, platinum, ash gray, blue gray, slate, charcoal, black…

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